Peter Gabriel Shares New Single ‘This Is Home’

Peter Gabriel Shares New Single ‘This Is Home’

Peter Gabriel recently released the tenth track from his upcoming album i/o.

This September full moon release is titled “This Is Home” and the first version to be heard is the Dark-Side Mix by Tchad Blake.

It comes with artwork from David Moreno and his work “Conexión de catedral II.”

The song was written and produced by Gabriel, who describes it as “a love song.”

Though he doesn’t appear on the final track, some of the early brainstorming for what was to become “This Is Home” was done with DJ and producer Skrillex.

“This Is Home” features contributions from a Swedish male voice choir called Orphei Drangar, as well as another orchestral arrangement from John Metcalfe.

Upcoming versions are Bright-Side Mix by Mark ‘Spike’ Stent and In-Side Mix by Hans-Martin Buff, to be released in mid-October on the next new moon.

(Photo: Nadav Kander)

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