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Kamala Harris’ rise sends message of hope to young girls of color

Kamala Harris‘ place as a Black and South Asian American woman on the Democratic ticket sends a message to young girls of color that she often projected when she was running her own presidential campaign: “I see you, I hear you.” During her primary run for the Democratic nomination, Harris continuously made time for young…MORE

The Man Utd teenager who is a superstar in the making

There was a period during the winter of 2008 when every Saturday night Paul Newsham’s Yorkshire home would sound like old telephone exchange switch room. “That’ll be someone ringing about Mason, to see if he will be playing,” his wife Julie would say every time the phone rang. The callers were scouts, inquiring as to…MORE

How many of these sad pandemic achievements have you unlocked?

At this point, we’ve all been living in a coronavirus world for more than five months. That’s almost half a year lost to a terrifying and depressing pandemic limbo. Some of us seem intent on returning to our normal lives, but what we have now is still so far away from normal. Plenty of people…MORE

How a NASA scientist accidentally invented the Super Soaker

Dr. Lonnie Johnson might be one of the most brilliant inventors of our time. The scientist and engineer is responsible for over 100 patents, including a thermoelectric energy convertor and a thin film lithium battery. But his most famous invention? One of the best toys of the 20th century, the Super Soaker. And it came…MORE

Six questions about slavery reparations, answered

If you feel like you’re hearing more about slavery reparations, it’s not your imagination. The widespread protests against police brutality and racial injustice following the death of George Floyd have brought a new urgency to the debate around compensating the descendants of American slaves. This summer, Democratic lawmakers called for a vote on a bill…MORE


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